Quality Policy

Mutually beneficial, Partnership relations

The company DFS D´AVAC SA with the trade name DFSAVAC, a specialist in the HVAC sector, considers it essential, for the success of its organization, the full satisfaction of its customers, fully meeting their needs and expectations and committing to supply products and excellent services.

In an increasingly competitive and demanding market, customer loyalty is essential. Aware of this reality, the General Management decided to invest in continuous improvement at all organizational levels, implementing a Quality Management System, according to NP EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Therefore, it aims to:

  • Conquer the preference and achieve the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of its Customers and other interested parties, according to their specifications and requirements.

  • Establish mutually beneficial partnership relationships with relevant stakeholders.

  • Ensure that the services provided and the products sold are in compliance with all legal regulations and technical standards in order to achieve high quality standards
  • Provide adequate and continuous training and qualification to employees, in order to perform their duties with the required competence and quality, motivating and involving them in the pursuit of continuous improvement processes.

  • Provide the management with instruments capable of improving the decision-making process with the objective of increasing the organization’s efficiency, guided by quality management and risk-based thinking.

DFSAVAC’s Quality Policy is implemented and communicated in all areas of activity, as well as made available to all interested parties.